Linda's Puppy Love specializes in overnight care, daily dog walks, vacation visits, pet care for business travelers, cat care, bunny care and other small pet care.

Vacation Visits

As few as one or as many as three times per day visits available. These visits are tailored to your needs and the types of pets you have.

Overnight Care

12 hours of dedicated care for your pets and home. Each visit includes at least one evening and one morning walk; dinner and breakfast; and lots of love, fun, play time and attention.

It's our goal to keep your pets on the same schedule they are used to, in the comfort of their home.

Daily Dog Walks

A great time for your dogs to stretch their legs, sniff around the neighborhood and do what they need to do. The basic walk visit lasts approximately 30-40 minutes and can be scheduled anytime between 9 am and 4 pm

Cat Care

Each cat care visit includes playing with any toys your cat loves to chase; petting and admiring, food, water and treats; kitty litter clean-up; and whatever else your particular cat enjoys.

Also available:

A trip to the park
20 minute walks
Hour-long walks

Included in all of the above: lots of love, playtime and fun!

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